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Sport + Translation Conference Programme

Sport and Translation International Conference, 29-30 May 2014

University of Bristol

Conference Programme

29 May,

Conference Venue: Lecture Theatre 3, 17 Woodland Road, University of Bristol

8.30. Conference Registration, SML Common Room, 17 Woodland Road

9.00. Opening and Welcome: Dr. Matthew Brown (University of Bristol)

9.15. Opening Keynote Lecture
Professor Gertrud Pfister (University of Copenhagen)
“Traduttore, tradittore” – is a translator really a traitor? Thoughts on Sport and Translation
 Professor Gertrud Pfister is one of Europe’s leading sociologists of sport. She has been Professor of Sport Sociology at the University of Copenhagen since 2001, and previously spent two decades as Professor in the Institute of Sport Sciences at the Freie Universität Berlin. The depth and breadth of her research is outstanding and has informed a number of thematic areas across the sociology of sport. The author and editor of more than 30 books and single or first author of 250 peer-reviewed articles, many of which have been published and translated into different languages (e.g. German, French, Danish, Spanish), has specifically focused on gender relations within sport on a micro and macro level, historical discourses around female health and the active female body and more recently on the interconnections between sport, religion and education, with a specific emphasis on the experiences of Muslim girls in educational settings in Western and Northern Europe.

10.20. Coffee

10.50. Conference Panel 1: LT3

Translation and its Practitioners, chair: Carol O’Sullivan (Bristol)

Professor Eva Lavric (University of Innsbruck) ‘Factotums, Community Interpreting and Other Communication Strategies in Multilingual Football Teams’

Gozde Begum Akuzum (University of Istanbul) ‘The Role of the Sports Interpreter at Sporting Events’

Helena Martin (Complutense de Madrid) ‘How have sporting ideologies been translated across cultures?’

12.45. Lunch.

14.00. Conference Panel 2: LT3

Sport and Translation and its Ethics, chair: Arismende da Silva (Bristol)

Christophe Declercq (University College London) ‘All doped up: sports translation and machine translation’

Dr Kirsty Heimerl-Moggan (University of Central Lancashire) ‘Expectations and Ethics in Sports Translation’,

15.00 Coffee.

15.20 Conference Panel 3: (LT3)

Sport and Translation and Everyday Practices, chair: Mike O’Mahony (Bristol)

Dr Roger Baines (University of East Anglia) ‘Power, translation and interpreting in elite football: an interview-based study’

Elena Balcaite (University of Gloucestershire) ‘Spirituality in Sports Fanship’

Dr Erika Giorgianni (University of Innsbruck) ‘Multilingual and Multicultural Football Teams: A Vital Orchestra of Many Different Voices’

Ana Suarez-Vidal and Dr Susana Ladra González (University of Bristol and Universidade Da Coruña) ‘Sport Translation and Twitter’

17.30. Break.

18.00. Guided walk from Woodland Road to Stokes Croft (15 minutes; please let us know if you would prefer us to order a taxi). Food is available to purchase at the Canteen in Hamilton House.

19.00. Public Keynote Lecture.

Venue: Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, (7pm)

Dr. David Goldblatt (University of Bristol and De Montfort University)
‘Futebol Nation? Brazil, the Language and Culture of Football’

          David Goldblatt is the author of many books on the culture of sport,
including the monumental The Ball is Round: A Global History of
Football. His Futebol Nation: A Footballing History of Brazil is out in
2014. His BBC Radio 4 series The History of Brazil is Round is broadcast in May 2014.

30 May

09.30: Lecture Theatre 3, 17 Woodland Road

Conference Panel 4.

The History of Sport and Translation, chair: John Foot (Bristol)

Dr Christian Schwartz (University of Sao Paulo) ‘Football in Translation: National Languages and Styles of Play in Argentinian Press Reports of the 1920s’.

Dr David Frier (University of Leeds) ‘The Translation of Ideology in the Sports Stadium: the National Stadium in Lisbon’

Professor David Wood (University of Sheffield) 'Translating Sport into Literature in Latin America'.

Dr Maurizio Viezzi (University of Trieste) ‘Translating and Interpreting Athletics: A Lexical Challenge’

11.45. Coffee

12.15. Conference Panel 5: LT3

The Social Context of Sport and Translation, chair: Jonah Bury (Bristol).

Dr. Jehan Zitawi (University of Abu Dhabi) ‘Translating and Interpreting Sport in the Arab World: A Walk in the Park or a Sisyphus Task?’

Dr. Francisco Meledandri (University of Bari) ‘Football and Social Media: translation-related themes for a globalised fanbase’.

Dr Gloria Lanci and Dr Matthew Brown (University of Bristol) ‘British Sport? The politics of sport and translation at the end of the nineteenth-century in Brazil’.

14.00. Lunch

14.30-15.30 Round-table discussion: LT3

Sport and Translation: Research Directions, Disciplinary Paradigms. chair: Matthew Brown (Bristol)

15.30. End of conference.

This conference has been supported by the University of Bristol Research Strategy Fund, the School of Modern Languages and the Bristol Institute for Research in the Humanities and Arts (BIRTHA).

The organizing committee is Matthew Brown, Jonah Bury, John Foot, David Goldblatt, Gloria Lanci, Mike O’Mahony, Carol O’Sullivan, David Perkins, Arismende da Silva and Ana Suárez-Vidal.

We are indebted to Hannah Blackman for her peerless administrative support.