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Sports Writing and Cultural Translation workshop 21 February 2014

Sports Writing and Cultural Translation One-day workshop

Link Room 1, 3-5 Woodland Road, University of Bristol, UK, BS8 1TB
This one-day workshop will bring together sports writers, academic from various fields and translators to discuss the practice of sports writing and its relationship with national and sporting cultures across the world.

Speakers include:

  • Jacobo Currais (official FIFA translator)
  • John Foot who has written extensively on the history of Italian football and cycling - CalcioPedalare, Pedalare)
  • Simon Kuper (author of classics such as Football Against the Enemy and co-author with Stefan Szymanski of the pathbreakingSoccernomics)
  • James Montague, author of When Friday Comes on football in the Middle East and the forthcoming Thirty One Nil. The Amazing Story of World Cup Qualification
  • Arash Sedighi (SOAS) who is working on women and football in Iran
  • Jean Williams (De Montfort University) author of a series of books on the history of women’s sport and women’s football,
  • David Winner who wrote the seminal Brilliant OrangeThese Feet and the recent best-selling book about Denis Bergkamp, Stillness and Speed
Countries covered by these works and research and translators include The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, the USA, Iran, Italy, Great Britain, Egypt and many others.
Short talks will be followed by discussions on all aspects of sports writing and cultural translation.


10.00 -10.30am    Coffee/tea in Student Common Room, 17 Woodland Road
10.30 -11.00am    Introduction: John Foot/Matthew Brown
11.10 -12.15pm   Simon Kuper and David Winner
12.15 -1.15pm     James Montague and John Foot
1.15 - 2.15pm      Lunch
2.15 - 3.15pm     Jean Williams and Arash Sedighi
3.15 - 4.00pm     Jacobo Currais
4.00 - 5.00pm     Round table discussion
5.00pm                drinks
This event is free and all welcome.
Download: Workshop poster (PDF format, 13901KB)
Please contact John Foot for further information.

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